Celebrating on horseback

Lisa and Andrea

Yesterday me and my two friends went to one of my favourite restaurants in Coassolo. The goal was to celebrate Lisa’s birthday on horseback!

I guess I’ll do the same thing next year. Is there a better way to enjoy life? The day was sunny and quite warm, and the horses wanted to go running together.

Best friends

Luckily Soraya has established a friendship with Vida and Pioggia. This means that none of them wants to run away from each other. So we just let them go whenever we find a long field!

Horse riding
The mule track

Running off

Since all of us love to explore new trails, we decided to try the one that takes us from Mulin Turcin directly to Angela’s restaurant. Firstly we need to follow a steep mule track, pass an old bridge and then almost climb a tiny trail in the hill!

While Lisa went to check the new trail by feet, Andrea kept the horses from the ground. I was still in the saddle. At one point Soraya just took off, and the other horses ran away as well! Luckily I was on top of her and managed to pull the reins! When she stopped the others did the same thing, and we could just go and get them.

Soraya had been scared by Lisa coming out of the wood, even if she knew that she was out there! That’s how horses might behave…


We were all wronging to lead the horses by feet on the last part. I could’nt cope with Soraya’s speed and got stuck underneath her. So I needed to climb a tree trunk while she patiently waited for me to follow her. It would have been so easy to be on top of her instead!

Vida after a long run!

We tied up the horses on a field outside the restaurant. This is the place where you get two appetizers, two plates of pasta, one plate of meat and vegetables and a coffee for 11 euros during weekdays.

Great restaurant

Since the horses were quietly waiting near the trees, we could enjoy our meal and celebrate Lisa with some Italian red wine!

The best thing about riding is that nobody stops you afterwards if you take a glass of wine or two.

On the way back we went to see Robbie that works as a bricklayer nearby. We also saw some miniature donkeys on the way. I really want to buy one if I find a field to keep it with Soraya…

The lesson about running off

After a while we stopped near a house to wait for Lisa to get back on her horse. Sometimes it’s nice to walk a bit, especially where there are asphalt roads.

Soraya was peacefully grassing on long reins and we were chatting. I actually don’t remember anything until I found myself next to the other Haflinger with the reins totally messed up in my hands.

I look back to see what made her run like a rocket (an amazing speed!!) and we saw a black miniature pig that ran around in the garden. In that moment I realized two things:

1. Me and my horse have a partnership problem. She is too much boss and takes too much responsability in the group. This makes her run off too easily. I need to do some serious ground work.

2. Never think that your horse is relaxed. Never let them eat on long reins while you’re still in the saddle.

This behavour is not a good sign. But I guess it also depends on the horses she’s around. When I ride with Moon she is much more relaxed. Moon is a natural leader and very secure. This is affecting her a lot.

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