Reusing old furniture in a smart way

If you´re a horse owner, then you might have many expenses as well. You might not always be able to buy new furnitures for the house, but you will always be able to reuse old furniture.

There are many ways to reuse furniture. You might redo the whole object into something new and different, or simply paint it so it looks new. I´m not doing any of the two options, I´m simply going to move them around into new places!

The old bench

The reason I´m writing this post, is that today I went to IKEA near Turin. I was actually looking for a new commode for the entrance hall.

I always need more storage place, especially during the winter time! We have so many clothes to wear…

Visiting IKEA – the Swedish store

Anyway, I was walking around and couldn’t find anything that inspired me or suited the  the room. Then my brain started to take over, and reminded me that we do have a big commode that is almost falling apart because of all the heavy things I´m filling into it. So the logic thing is to move that one into the hall (it´s even from IKEA!) and use the bench in the hall for the heavy things (antique furniture that is not coming from IKEA…).

Then I need to move the white and ugly furniture that we keep in the living room out of the house. We´ll just keep it for storing things in it. This means I´ll have less storage space in the house and more in the outhouse. What does that mean in the end?

The messy corner

Well, this means that I need to go through all my storage furnitures and move all the unnecessary stuff into the outhouse. I´m sure that all of you keep a lot of unnecessary things inside the house… If you´re lucky to have a storage room, it´s fine. But don´t keep filling it up.

Then you´ll end up like me, with a room full of garbage where you sooner or later loose the control of it all.

The best news is that I will have a new place for a useful furniture. We will put a cosy armchair in the angle where we kept the ugly white commode. In this way we´ll get a good looking and useful reading zone in the house. And best of all; I´ve got some inspiration to start cleaning up!

A nice arm chair!

The dog free zone

So what did I do at IKEA in the end? For sure I could´nt buy any horse equipment for the saved money… They even chased me and my poor, little and hungry dog away from the restaurant! That´s where the Swedish identity came out; in Northern Europe NOBODY brings their dog to a restaurant… it´s illegal!

As the Italian lady I´ve become after 9 years in this country, I was so shocked that I ran into the elevator. Italians have few rules against dogs, and I usually bring them everywhere. This was like being hit in the stomach! Since my stomach was rumbling and I´m totally depending on a big lunch (just like all the Italian people) I knew there was another restaurant on the ground floor. For my own security I asked an employee if I could bring the dog to eat. (IKEA is full of huge guards always ready to kick you out!) Luckily she told me to tie her up just near the tables.

Next to the big sign saying: “I´m stopping here” with the picture of a dog on it…

I´ve bought only led lamps in the end, and I shared my lunch with Frida. No signs where saying “Don´t feed the dog”. Now I´m at home, satiated with cheap food and ready to go through all my unnecessary stuff.

My husband will find the house totally turned upside down, but at least the money are still on my account!

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