The magic way to eat in Italy

After a week with rain pooring down, I feel like writing about food and how we eat in Italy. No reason to write about horse riding at the moment – I´ve been quite lazy lately!


Also because Soray has got a strange problem with her back leg at the moment. I´m not sure wether she´s hurt herself or forsed the leg in some way. But today she seemed a bit better. It seems like my bad luck is never ending!

Back to the food, let me forget about horses for a short while! The magic thing I wanted to write about is this: The more I eat, the slimmer I get! Would you like to know my secret? Well, I guess it´s all about timing!

Timing is everything

Maybe you won´t believe me, but you should give it a try if you feel like changing eating habits. The rule is easy: In Italy people have a really fast and small breakfast, usually a cappuccino and a croissant.




Many dishes

Then they have a BIG lunch (if you´re not a very busy office worker) and they usually go to the nearest restaurant. This is why I am able to go from restaurant to restaurant on horseback and eat all these tasty plates of food. First of all the prizes during the weekdays are really cheap, and second is the tradition saying that a real Italian worker needs at least two dishes and a dessert. Normaly you should also add some appetizers!

The other magic they add to your life is all the different dishes. Instead of eating only one plate filled with all kind of things, the Italians still do the art of dividing the dishes onto many plates. In this way you eat more slowly, it tastes more and you enjoy better. This is the art of living happily.

If you actually eat a lunch like this you won´t get hungry until dinner time. Lunch time is exactly 12.30 PM. Dinner time is around 20.00 PM. Too late? Well, if you compare to other countries, like Brazil, then it´s actually early! In Norway dinner time is around 17.00 PM, which means that the kids go to sleep much earlier than Brazilian kids!

If you cannot wait until dinner time, then you might have an afternoon meal, which Italians call “merenda”. This involves some biscuits or fruit. Personally I like to keep my old habit from Australia, which means afternoon tea (just like real Englishmen). As you might understand, I´m kind of culturally confused. But I´m also really used to the Italian timing when it comes to food.

Hard to adapt

This means that I have big problems to adapt back to the Norwegian eating habits. When I go up north to my folks, we often eat a huge breakfast really late in the morning, skip the lunch (a terrible thing to do in Italy!) and have dinner around 16-17.00 PM. Then I need to have an evening meal to survive before going to bed… But this big change does effect my body a lot more than you think. And it make me want to eat sweets or junk food in the evening. In general I also eat more bread in Norway.

So what´s the magic? Well, personally I´ve discovered that eating a solid lunch and having dinner late in the evening prevents me from eating sweeties.

This has actually made me slim down and I also keep my size without doing anything about it. I´m not a fanatic training addict, I´m just sitting there on my horse and looking forward to the next lunch! Did you get the point? Then you should try it yourself.

Just remember to avoid eating pasta in the evening, try to eat only a “secondo”.

This means a plate of meat/fish and a sidedish like vegetables or green salad. If you love Italian pasta, enjoy it for lunch. Then you´ll have more than enough time to burn all the carbohydrates before going to bed 🙂

Last thing; it´s also wise to drink a glass of red wine at dinner time. This make you relax and enjoy the meal a lot more before going to bed.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lyn Douglas says:

    Great advice. I like this way of eating just must remember it when I am home in Australia


    1. Randi says:

      Yes it’s more a lifestyle!


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