What to do under the rain


I´m not used to the rain anymore. After all these months I was so used to go for a ride at any time of the day. Then the rain came, and I started to ask myself; what do I write about now?

skyThe grey sky is also making my mood go down in the cellar! I´m very sensitive and my mood is always depending on the weather. I need to make a plan on rainy days, and get out of the house.

Today I was talking to a horse man about horses living outdoors. I believe that horses normally go under the roof by themself if it´s raining, but I´m hearing more and more people say that their horses keep staying outside and getting wet.

I believe that horses can resist more than humans think, and that if they´re really wet and cold, then they will be seeking a roof in the end… But of course it´s smart to prevent them from getting a cold by keeping them in the stable. Maybe… Let me know what you think!

A natural solution

Anyway, my road is now leading me closer and closer to create a more natural life for our horses. I am really burning for the natural concept where you accept the horse as it is; a big animal that needs their freedom just as much as we do. Even more. The hardest thing is to get an accept for these thoughts in a world that is more and more manmade.

I am really happy that my barefoot project is working out fine. With a little help from the humans I´m using the horse boots to prevent the hoofs from becoming too short during longer rides. After the rain she is also more sensivite with softer hoofs. Then I just go more slowly.

A social life

My next goal is to find her some friends. I strongly believe that all horses need to be in physical and psycical contact with other horses. They need to use their own language, just like us. A horse living in a herd gets his natural need for a social life satisfied, and get´s less grumpy. I´m sure about this. But it´s important to not change his friends too often. They need time to establish a relationship, and they get really close to each other.

Some people think that moving the horses around doesn´t matter. But it does. Some horses just hate the face of each other, while others fall in love! We need to start to respect these bounds between them. And it will also lead to less behavioural problems.

My horse is an extremely social horse. She always calls her friends while we go for a ride alone. She always try to get to know the horses we meet on our way. Even if we see some cows she wants to stop and look at them. Just like she wants to join them and eat grass, which is the truth! If she meets another Haflinger she becomes really happy by yelling and running towards it.

My dream

My dream is to own a big property and make a huge paddock for horses running around in it – together. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than seeing herds of horses playing and running around. To study the way they interact with each other and with you.

Horses are meanth to be magical creatures running free!

While I´m riding in the nature I´m always trying to give as much freedom as possible to my horse. I want her to enjoy the ride, just like me, and get a moment of freedom. I know I´m sitting on top of her, but I believe that the horse enjoys the safety of being with her human friend. As long as you´re bounding well together.

If you reach this level, you´ll soon realize that you don´t need to pull the reins anymore. It´s enough that you think about slowing down, and the horse will feel it. But you also need a sensitive and not a stressed horse. I guess that any horse living in a big pasture will be ready to behave well during the ride. They just don´t need to run around crazy with you on their back, they´ve allready done it on their own!

Please comment on my thoughts, it´s always great to hear what others think 🙂







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  1. NorCal Zen says:

    I enjoyed reading this post! Horses can be amazing teachers when we take the time to learn from them. Looking forward to see more of your posts.


    1. Randi says:

      Thanks for your nice comment!!

      Liked by 1 person

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