A paddock paradise in Monferrato

After having breakfast in Monferrato, we went to visit an equestrian center with only barefoot horses in a paddock paradise!


This morning I woke up to a miracle; it was thunderstorm outside and actually raining! Really unusual sounds after so many dry months…

When you’re having breakfast with your best friend, and the kids are happily together as well, then a cloudy day feels sunny!! So we decided to go on a small expedition to the equestrian center called Soleverde.

The barefoot center


This is a farm that focus on long distance riding and they breed Arabian horses. We were lucky enough to find the owner at home, and the kids helped him to feed the horses. Those boys are always able to have fun!

The boys feeding the horses

The owner, Gigi Borgis, could tell me that they are competing with two horses at the moment. While doing the long distance competition they always use horse boots. But while riding in the hills nearby they go barefoot thanks to the soft ground.

The paddock paradise

He also showed me this paddock paradise,  which is a paddock that is made specially for barefoot horses. By making a long fence that goes in a circle he is able to spread out the hay all around.

In this way the horses are moving around for kilometers every day by themselves. It was even made in the hill. This means they get exercise and strong hoofs at the same time. And not to forget that all the horses get their part of the hay!


It was a rather interesting trip even if the weather was really bad for photographing.


But this part of Italy is always beautiful, and seeing the wine yards in autumn colors is a nice view.

On the way back we passed by another equestrian center, all English style and shod hoofs! That was just a reminder about how different and various the world of horses has become!

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