Early training in the riding ground


This morning I went for an early ride in the riding ground. Since I had to go to Turin later on I decided to ignore the cold weather.

Then I actually realized that this is the best time to train during the day. Soraya was very responsive to my commands and we even tried some barrels!

Looking at the barrel!

Even if we kept running around, the cat didn’t care to wake up! She had found the most comfortable bed on top of the hay bale!

Back in town

After the ride I went to visit the great grandmother of my son. She was happy to see me and Frida. She always feed Frida so much that she sleeps all the way back…

It was strange to be in town again. I haven’t been in Turin since before Sardegna! But after driving around in the center, I couldn’t wait to get home. Too much traffic!

Before going home I had lunch in a Sushi bar. Sometimes it’s nice to eat something that’s not Italian. After all my rides to the different restaurants in Valli di Lanzo I’m kind of used to eat traditional style food.


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