Halloween style barrel racing

Il Grande Ranch arranged a Halloween style barrel race for kids, beginners and professional riders. The common goal was to have fun!

I felt like eating sand while watching one by one disappear into the sand clouds. Even my handbag was totally covered with dust! But it was fun to watch the different costumes and horses trying to turn around the barrels.

Even my dog Dakota had a lot of fun. She liked the competition so much that she started to run on the side of the fence (in the middle of the audience) to beat the horses! Never seen something similar… I’m so lucky to have found such an intelligent four-legged friend!

Luca and Moon became number 4. They won a nice cap. Also the other riders from our stable did some great performances: Abigail, Nicole and the coach Barbara.

I was having fun riding Moon afterwards, but with such a big saddle I’m not able to feel comfortable. The saddle means everything in the end. If I ride her with my own saddle it feels like being on my own horse.

The winners
the winners

While using Luca’s saddle I feel like sliding around with no grip. That’s why I don’t like renting other horses to go for a ride.

I remember while riding on a typical white horse in Camargue. Those horses are perfectly my size, but I had to use a very hard saddle made of wood! I’ve never had such a painful ride in my whole life.

I guess it was different while using only English style saddles. I cannot remember this kind of problem, since English saddles are all the same. Western saddles are depending a lot on the size of the seat.

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