Trying a new track and a new restaurant

The best kind of adventure is to try new tracks in the bush! The day is just perfect if you are lucky enough to try a new restaurant as well….

Today we went from Coassolo to Ritornato. We even passed two other villages called Cudine and Corio. The whole ride took us about 4,5 hours.

The goal was to reach the restaurant of Ritornato, which means “Came back”. We went through some charming villages and fairytale woods on the way.

The track in the mountain was really nice, but we had to cross some difficult parts as well. Once Andrea’s horse slided down a slope because of all the leaves. Even Soraya got stuck once since she didn’t see the trail.

In the end we walked a far bit ourselves. But at least we were hungry before arriving at the restaurant called Miramonti. It means “admire the mountains “. We sure did admire a lot of amazing spots on our way.

After a really fast and tasty lunch we took another road back. But we had to follow a lot of asphalted roads, which is ok for barefoot horses.

This restaurant has been the best of them all so far. Easy to tie up the horses, very fast waitress and really varied and tasty food. And most important; a great dessert!

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