Visiting Verona horse show 2017


It’s been a great day at the horse show, so I’ll try to finish this article on the bus… I’m really happy to share it all with you!


Let me tell you about my big day out – even if the pictures tell their own story!

The first thing you meet are horses that walks through the crowd. I almost walked straight into a horsebut without even seeing it! There’s so many people visiting that it’s hard to be able to walk between the pavilions.

A seldom horse breed


First of all we went to see a rare horse breed called Akhal Teke. They are stunningly looking horses capeable to compete in any kind of equestrian sport. There are only 4000 left in the world.

Arabian horse

The Arab horse is a big issue during these 4 days, and the elegant grooms and owners make them run around in the show ground like wild animals! It’s really funny to watch this traditional way of showing Arabs.

Then we walked by many elegant Spanish horses showing their dressage skills in the ring. I don’t like that they cut off their tails thinking about how much flies there are in the summertime!


I also did some shopping, and found a nice pair of Western riding boots. I could neither resist some clothes and accessories with the design of the Haflinger star.



You might buy everything that’s connected to horses at this horse show. I even met a sheikh that agreed to take a picture with me! He was nice enough to accept my business card.


The Italian horse breeds

At last I like to show you some pics from my favorite show: the Italian horses.


Here you also find the Haflinger. It was wonderful to see how versatile these golden horses actually are!


Natural horsemanship

Man teaching natural horsemanship 

You might wonder about what was inspiring me the most? Except the beautiful Haflingers I got inspired to buy a long whip. I’m gonna use it for my groundwork with Soraya. After watching the natural horsemanship session I got some new ideas.

I also like to watch the team penning. Hopefully I will try it myself one day.

Team penning
Preparing the calfs for the next round 


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