The mountains are burning!

Val di Susa and Canavese are the parts of Piedmont which are most exposed to the flames. The mountains are literally burning because of the unusal dry and warm weather. While going for a ride, we could actually see the smoke on top of the burning hills.

You almost get scared of less.. Imagine if you had to run away from your house while the flames are getting closer and closer. This is what´s happening to a lot of families at the moment. Just look at this article in Turin`s newspaper “La Stampa“. Even if our house is still far from the burning woods, we can feel the smell of smoke and see the particles in the air.

Just like Australia

I´m almost feeling like living in Australia. I still remember once I was taking the train from Sydney to the outback in 2002. We could see burned hills everywhere, and it was actually one of the biggest natural disasters those days. The weather hasn`t been so dry since 100 years ago in Piedmont, and I´m actually starting to miss the rain! 

But we had a nice ride to Coassolo this afternoon. There are actually two Coassolo towns above Lanzo. One is laying in the valley on the left, and the other is on the right. There are two roads that unify them. We went from “our” Coassolo on the right to the left part. It was quite windy, and I had to keep my new cap in the saddle bag! That´s also one of the reasons why the fire is spreading so fast.


Windy ride!


On the way through an old village we saw a German Shepherd coming out of the wall. He had his own personal window to keep an eye on the strangers walking on the road underneath!

German shepherd

While driving back home after putting the horses to sleep, I saw an amazing sky. I´ve never seen such a colourful sky in this area, and started to wonder if the fores fire has something to do with it? My husband took a rather nice picture!


amazing sky
Amazing colors!


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