Barefoot horse in the traffic

My horse is finally barefoot again, and yesterday we went for a ride in town. With the correct type of diet and training I’m sure it will work out well this time.

Riding in the traffic
Me and Soraya in the mirror

First of all I met Andrea at the typical meeting point. Walking next to another horse makes Soraya feel more comfortable, and this gives me the courage I need for a ride in town. Since both horses are barefoot, they`re not even slipping on the asphalt. That gives me an even bigger feeling of security!

Riding in the traffic
Narrow roads don’t stop us

On our the way through the forest we even managed to clean a trail. Andrea always keeps a machete in his saddle task, which is really useful against the brambles.

The traffic in Italy is quite busy, and not many people seem to care if they meet a horse on the road. Even if Lanzo is a small town, there is a lot of cars and trucks passing by. This morning we met a tractor along the most narrow part of the road, but the horses didn’t react at all.

Typical Italian breakfast – il brioche

We tied the horses to some trees in the park and drank a cappuccino at the café. Afterwards it was time to meet a couple of friends at the restaurant Della Valle. We followed a trail that goes along the river. After months of no rain at all, the river is almost dried out, but the view is still nice. Riding through this park make me feel like riding in Central park!

Tesso – the river of Lanzo

We arrived at the restaurant just in time. The horses were quietly waiting for us outside by the trees until we finished our lunch. Soraya has become the perfect horse for trekking! I just tie her up wherever I like and there she stands! We went home after an interesting horse chat and many different dishes.

Just one of those lovely days on horseback that I’m slowly getting addicted to…


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