Relaxing on the coach after a busy weekend

I’m relaxing on the coach while the two terriers are sleeping by my feet. It’s been a busy week!

Sleeping dogs
Sleeping dogs

While listening to the wind blowing outside, I’m thinking about all the leaves that are falling from the trees… it’s obvious what my job will be tomorrow!

Picking leaves
Picking leaves all the time…

Busy weekend

Yesterday I wanted to show my friend Robbie the new track I just discovered some days ago. Saturday we were doing this beautiful trip in the opposite direction, and it took us 3,5 hours. We met a lot of bikers on the road, with and without an engine.

Soraya has been quite slow lately, but I actually think she’s tired. Tomorrow I’m gonna give her a break. We’ve been out and around a lot.

Tired horse and rider
Best friends that need to relax

Riding in the wind

Today we only did a short round with the wind blowing around us. We were five riders from the same equestrian center, and all the horses were behaving remarkably well.

Normally the strong wind could make them nervous. This is the first time I was riding Soraya in such kind of weather, and she was perfectly relaxed!

It felt like Soraya tried to tell me something today by being so calm. I’m not very good at sitting still, but that will be my goal for next week. Or at least take it a bit easier.

It’s an art to do one thing at a time, and that’s my new goal!


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