Resolving problems by understanding your horse


Would you like to resolve any problem you might have regarding your horse’s attitude? First of all you need to understand your horse’s mind!

A lot of people try to resolve problems or change the way they train only by trying out new equipment. How often haven’t you seen horses wearing strong bits to prevent them from running too fast instead of controlling their mind.


I totally agree that many horses are hard to control. But it normally depends on the way they’ve been trained. It is possible to completely change a horse’s mind, but you need to start with yourself.

First of all we need to understand that the horse think as a prey, not as a predator like us!

A new attitude

A relaxing ride

We are talking about the mix of natural horsemanship and spending many hours with your horse on the ground before riding it. You also need an open mind and a sensitive attitude. If you’re willing to change your old habits to get a new horse, then I’ll ask you a question:

Would you like to buy a course that explain you this process?

A course that uses videos to show you how to train your horse, step by step? A course that shows you how to resolve the most common problems when it comes to horses? This is something I’m planning to do. Please comment underneath about what you think!

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