Riding through the autumn colours


What a lovely day! Three cowboys went to explore a new track that goes from Benne to Cudine. We ended up riding in the middle of the most beautiful colourful landscape.

I started out around 9 o’clock this morning, while it was still a bit chilly. Soraya didn’t even finish her breakfast before we left, but she was really happy to go for a ride.

We met Andrea and Vida in the usual place. Tonino was waiting near the church of Balangero on top of his lovely Appaloosa gelding. We were ready to go!

After crossing the small town we followed a track that hardly made us hit the road. Thanks to Andrea and his big knife, we even got through some bramble that closed the trail.

We galloped side by side through the long fields, and the three horses became best friends!

After a rather long photoshoot in the autumn colours we went through some breathtaking landscape.

After three hours we arrived at the restaurant of Cudine: Osteria di Campagna. It means “Country Tavern”.

Aperitif at the tavern 

That was the moment I realized that we had something more than horse riding and horsemanship in common: we all prefered a drink called Spritz!

While the horses were tied up by the fence outside, we went inside to try the local lunch. We didn’t get disappointed at all… three appetizers, two dishes, dessert and coffee.

After a rather long lunch we had even got to know the other guests, and it felt like going away from a big party! Some people wanted pictures of themselves with the horses before we could leave the place.

The most amazing part was that it only took me around 40 minutes to get back to the riding school from there. The other riders still had a long way back, while Soraya could take a long rest in her paddock. Just a perfect day!

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