Sardegna – walking barefoot from beach to beach


After coming back home from Sardegna I still want to show you some more photos from the wonderful beaches of Chia. I walked barefoot for kilometers and it was a great experience.

Since I´m taken by the barefoot theory when it comes to horses, I decided to try it out myself. Walking barefoot near the beach gives you an amazing feeling of being a part of the nature. I didn´t walk only on the sand (that wouldn´t count!) but also on rocky trails and some gravel. After a while you feel less pain, and you also get free massage under the feet.

Creative sandcastles

While walking from beach to beach I found these amazing sandcastles on my way. Chia has become my favorite holiday location, thanks to the many tracks near the sea. You need to climb the small hills to get over to the next beach, and you might even go by horse.

The roads are endless. Since I hate just lying on a beach, this is a perfect combination. Walk, ride and swim as much as you like!

No rain

The fact that it hasn´t been raining in Sardegna since spring time, isn´t really positive. You´ll find all the inland really dried out, with yellow hills where only the trees are still green. I hope they´ll get some rain soon.

Love the sea


We´ve actually got the same situation in the Alps. The weather is very warm, and it seems like the winter is never arriving this year. Our lawn has never been so dry and I still need to water the kiwi trees. It´s a great period to go horseback riding, since you might cross any river and also avoid slipping in the mud. But I hope we´ll get some rain soon as well, since I don´t want to end up in a desert!

After finishing my work on the computer, I´m going to rake some leaves that I´ll bring to my horse. She sleeps like a queen in this way! The garden is now filled with leaves and I hate the mess they create… I wish you all a great autumn day from the Alps, while dreaming about Sardegna´s clear blue sea.


Sardegna Chia
The tower of Chia in Sardegna




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