Back in Sardegna for a taste of summer

It’s really weird being back in the summer time after getting used to the autumn in Piedmont.

In the south part of Sardegna there is still summer, or at least the sea is still warm enough to take a bath! We took a private plane from Turin to Cagliari, which was incredible fast and comfortable. We were staying at the Chia Laguna Resort, where we attended a big convension.


Chia is a wonderful place on earth and really shows the best part of the Italian coast. Long white beaches and small bays are connected with natural tracks in the hills.

There isn’t any center in the area of Chia, but you find many small cafes on all the beaches.

There is also a riding school close to the beach. Today me and some friends went there to take a look. But the center was closed and we continued towards the beach.

Some horses near the beach

Walking barefoot to the tower

I’ve actually been to Chia tower twice in two days, both days going barefoot! The nature is so clean and it talks to you through the feet.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 7 to an amazing sight. The sunrise at the tower! That’s why I decided to go to see the world from there. I just love to be in a place where it’s possible to walk on your own.

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