Riding on good old tracks!


Since I´m going to Sardinia tomorrow, I wanted to take a long ride with Soray before leaving. She still needs to slim down, and luckily Andrea came with me. We went to discover some good old tracks in the neighborhood.

On the way towards our meeting point Soraya kind of freaked out. We were trotting near some cows when she got scared. I turned to see why she ran off, and discovered a Haflinger horse and three donkeys running toward us inside the fence. When she realized that they were some friendly animals, she turned around to get to know them. A bit later that day I discovered that she was in heat.

The castle

Visiting the ruins of the castle

Before hitting the main track, I wanted to show Andrea the wonderful old ruin of the castle of Balangero. This castle was built around 1100 a.c. by the Savoia clan. In 1700 a.c. it got destroyed by the French army. I got all this information from a man walking by. He even worked well as a photographer! I just love talking to people I meet on my way, they´ll often teach you something useful.

The old track

It felt like time was set back in time… It´s been years since I was following the trail that goes from the old church in Balangero to the solar panels in Mathi.

Last time I went there with my first Haflinger called Wolke. Gosh, how much I miss her sometimes! Seeing the white hair of Soraya in front of me made me think I was riding Wolke again! That place is so full of memories.

Not many people know this road, and I guess I´m the only one that have got the courage to ride all the way. But of course the rocky track didn´t stop my friend either!

Once I was riding all by myself during the winter time, Wolke actually slipped and fell down while I just flew off! Luckily we didn´t get hurt, she was only bleeding a bit on her muzzle. But falling off in such an izolated place is not the best thing to do!

Dangerous crossing

In one place the trail was almost disappeared. Thanks to the rock underneath we managed to pass, but the rain has taken away all the mud. I wouldn´t pass that place if I wasn´t sitting on a steady Haflinger…

A new restaurant

After the rocky trail we went back to the center of Balangero and decided to eat in a “Piola” called “La tana del lupo“. The name actually means “The wolf den”. We had a great luch for only 10 euro, including coffee. We could easily tie the horses to a green fence outside of the gate, and even observe them from where we were eating lunch.

Going back to the riding school I could see the cows further down the field. Soraya yelled after that poor Haflinger for a long time. She really wanted to find herself a husband today! Also mares freak out while having their period 🙂


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