Walking from Menulla to Salvin in the Alps


Last Sunday I convinced my family to walk in the mountain. Normally we go horse riding, but I really missed walking in the Alps.


The alps
Starting on the main track


We went by car up the curvy road towards Lago di Monastero. Then we parked where the asphalt ends, and walked towards a track in the hill.

This track is almost a road that takes you straight to the mountain farm called Salvin. Here you’ll find a nice restaurant in the middle of nowhere. They also arrange English camps for kids during summer, and rent out rooms for holidays. By keeping cows and goats during the summertime they even produce their own milk and cheese.

On the way it´s always likely to find some old “baite” (mountain cabin). Some of them are really nicely renovated and others are falling apart. My dream is to buy a small one in top of the mountain. That would make it easier to live in the middle of the snow during the winter and even bring the horses up in the chilly mountains during the summer.

We did arrive at Salvin after 1,5 hours of walking. We had lunch on the way, and bought a coffee in the bar of the restaurant. Then we went to inspect the stables, and realized that it´s also possible to make the horses stay overnight. But not until the cows are down in the valley. Now is the perfect time to make a trekking up to this place, but since my friend got injured we all postponed it. Maybe next autumn?


At Salvin
We arrived at Salvin




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