A sunny action day


This autumn has been extremely dry and sunny. It’s the perfect weather for going trekking in the wood. Instead of just staying at home and work, I decided to pick Soraya early Friday morning and go for a longer ride in the afternoon.

Soraya eating grass

Riding with dogs

I also brought Dakota with me. Sometimes it’s impossible to resist her will to jump in the car! But she actually got attached by another dog while riding through a farm. Poor dog, she is so nice towards other dogs that she didn’t even fight back. Just looked at me and Soraya with a shocked expression. I had to run away with Soraya to make her follow me and escape.

Then we met another dog in the middle of the road. Dakota wanted to follow him even if she met the angry dog just before. But he made her run into the street, which might be quite dangerous. Luckily she stopped and came back to the horse.

We all got back home alive, but I’m not bringing her with me on that round any more. In the country land it’s obviously normal to leave the dogs run freely around! At least mine are following my horse, more or less…

In the stable

Finally I could put Soraya in the box that I’ve made at home. She is still a bit nervous about being closed up in that small room, but she did behave well. My friend Andrea and his horse Vida came by for lunch. We ate outdoors thanks to the sunny weather. It’s nice to have horses and friends over for a meal.

Andrea with Vida and Dakota

Meeting the train

Afterwards we went for a ride through Lanzo. Soraya really likes to stop in the middle of the street, almost like a parked car. She liked to meet the newspaper man, but stopped the traffic in front of his newsstands.

On the other hand, Soraya and Vida didn’t like the train… I wanted to meet the train to figure out if she could manage it. Being with Vida would help her to stay calm.

But we met the metallic monster in the worst place. Even Vida got scared, something that happens very seldom. The train came from the back while we were riding in an awfully narrow bike track. Both horses started to dance around without trying to take off. There where no places to run!

I must say she took the test nicely. But today Soraya was really nervous while riding up the hills. She will probably need time to overcome that awful and frightening experience! At least she calmed her nerves while looking for a new track in the middle of nowhere.

A secret trail

We actually managed to find the secret connection between two old trails. I’ve been searching for years for this trail, which I actually found while returning back home, thinking that I had to go back later on to search again.

I hope she will let go of her fears sooner or later. I’m starting to wonder if I’m the one making her nervous. I hope not, that would be a very bad combination! But I had a lot of action that day, and I will surely pick a more quiet route next week.

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