Busy day from Turin to Milan


Some days are luckily different from others! Yesterday I went to Turin in the morning to have breakfast with the great grandmother (almost 98).

Lunch in Turin

Afterwards I went to buy some gifts and have lunch with three Norwegians. We went to a restaurant just outside the main center, but it was very expencive! I’m used to eat up in the hills, where you get the triple amount for half the prize!

But the company was nice and I almost forgot about the time. Luckily I reached the train at Porta Susa!

Taking the express train to Milan

It was the first time I took this train. It’s really fast, and Milan is only 40 minutes away! It seems likea joke…

When you go out of the station you find an amazing open place with offices and shops. This was a brand new side of Milan which I had never seen before!

I went to an opening of a furniture exhibition near the center with my husband. Since he has many different clients we sometimes get invited to these parties.

They’re relaunching the famous brand Zanotta inside the old roman gate. Quite special! After talking to several clients of my husband we went to have dinner.

A Japenese / Brazilian restaurant


We found this amazing restaurant called Uramaki & Burritos where you could get burritos and sushi made in creative ways. I had som taco sushi, quite hot!

After dinner we met an old friend of Luca that lives in Milan. They had a good time sharing memories about some famous places in the streets. After all this I’ve had enough of city life for a long time…

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