Getting Ready for the Autumn


Autumn is strange. This season might give you the blues, or it means new opportunities. In either way it’s important to get ready for the seasonal change!

I’m doing it my way. This year my goal is to get rid of all the leafs that always become a high mountain in the back of the lawn. I’ve all ready started to collect the first layer that smoothly falls from our huge trees.

A soft bed

Autumn bed
Soraya eating her new bed!

The solution is to bring them all to the stables, and make a really soft bed for Soraya! People even used to make mattresses out of them in the old days. The only problem is that Soraya seemed to like the taste of her bed! That horse is eating whatever she finds…

Get good rutines

The second step to get used to the autumn is to structure the working days. For a freelance worker like me, this means more rutines and fixed working hours.

The best way to be able to do it all, is visiting the horses first time in the morning after bringing my son to school. Why? Well, if I like to go for a long ride I have more hours to do so. If I feel like working on the computer instead, I will be more awake after spending the morning outdoors.

Eat chocolate

The third thing is to eat more hot soups and chocolate! Living near a real chocolate town (Turin) it’s easy to get tempted and buy some artificially made sweets.

A beautiful chocolate shop

Go shopping

The last thing I love to do in the autumn is to buy some new, warming clothes. I love to go shopping in the center of Turin… I have found my favorite area, which means to walk from Piazza Castello to piazza Vittorio.

If I have more time, I might also add Via Roma. In this way I can enjoy the atmosphere of the authentical town while looking at the last fashion.

Today I didn’t succeed much with my attempt on doing shopping. Ending up with some ancle socks is really a big disappointment!!

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