Visiting another restaurant on horseback

After last week we wanted to visit another restaurant in the same area called “Trattoria da Angela”. Starting out early we were able to discover new trails on our way.

Haflinger horses

Me and Lisa went to pick up Andrea the Cowboy near Lanzo. He always has to ride on his own from Cafasse, which is quite far away. Then we followed the usual road through the bush up the hills, not far from the old church called Eremo. Today was a rather cloudy day, but the temperature was great for a long ride.


After a couple of hours we arrived at the restaurant, finding a huge lawn where the horses could eat some grass.


A really nice restaurant

I must agree with Andrea. The place was really nice and they serve a lot of food for a good prize. We got 5 different dishes including the cake made of local chest nuts and several drinks.

On the way home we found many new tracks. At one point the horses got scared because of two men taking a nap in the lawn. They’ve even made a small fireplace which created smoke and smell.

The two Haflinger horses started to panic and run away towards some old utensils made of iron!

I managed to stay on and stop my horse, but my friend flew off within a second!

Finding another trail

Luckily she did’nt get hurt and we could continue our way back. The funny part is that I managed to find a trail that followed a fence down the hill.

Exactly the fence of those people that prevented us from opening the old mule track the other day! We avoided the asfalt road, but in this way we walked even closer to their house! Maybe they’ll change idea!




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