An unexpected problem

Yesterday I went up the hill to finally clean the old mule track that combine our valley with the valley of the restaurant Della Valle.

I went there with my friend, my little son and Dakota. We had a lot of motorized equipment, like a chainsaw and edge cutter. That was the reason we got into trouble! The neighbour living just above the trail came down to see what kind of noise we were making while trying to start the engine of the edge cutter.

The trail was so full of thorny bush that it´s impossible to go through it.

I was so happy to finally be able to reopen it after a couple of years that we didn´t use it anymore. But this young neighbour came to change our plans…

The angry neighbour

He asked us if we intended to cut something (obviously scared by seeing me with the chain saw in the hands)… I explained him that we were going to clean the old trail, and supposed he was happy about it! But this guy didn´t want us to open up the track, and told us it was private property. But all the mule tracks normally belongs to the municipality, that never keep them clean.

My friend got a bit scared (even if he´s much bigger than me!) and started to pull back. I became furious and yelled at this stubborn, young guy. I even told him that the farmer on the other side of the vally had asked us to clean the other day. But the guy kept standing in his yard and argue (that obviously finished where the fence stopped, just above the trail). So he was doing everything to prevent people from passing trough the bush, even by telling lies about “private property”. I asked to talk to his dad, but he had no courage to go and get him.

He even complained about my dog that made his dogs bark, just like they´ve never seen other dogs before!

People living too far up in these hills are really “montagnin”. This is a Piedmont way of naming people living in the mountain that are unfriendly towards others.

The other track

In the end I gave up and went back to the car. We decided to clean another trail instead, and in the meanwhile talk to the mayor of the valley. This guy has no idea who he is fighting against! The local cowboys of the Valley!

But we had some bad luck this day. We didn´t manage to get the engine of the edge cutter started, and had to clean all by hand. When we arrived on the top, somebody had closed the road with a red plastic fence, and let their dog loose in the garden. I rather go back on horseback and discover why the road is closed. In that case the dogs cannot attack me!

Luckily enough we had a nice dinner with friends in the evening that made my day…


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