Riding to the restaurant with Soraya

It’s been a while since I went to the restaurant Della Valle on horseback. Since Moon managed to tear down the fence while leaning on it, I’ve been scared about tying up another horse in the same parking lot…

But then I was invited by some of my favorite riding friends, Lisa and Andrea… Since I know that Andrea’s horses are totally quiet while he’s tied up to a tree, I decided to give it a try! It was only the second time I tried to tie up Soraya away from home.

This autumn has been really nice so far, especially now that the warm weather is back. We had a nice ride up the hill, following trails that are quite hidden for other people.

At the restaurant

Lunch at the restaurant

Tying up Soraya was easy as a joke! She stood still until the long lasting meal was over, even if she didn’t have a lot to eat. Life is hard when you ‘re on a diet!

The fixed lunch

In Italy the fixed lunch that you can find almost everywhere are made for real workers! You’ll get two plates (prima e secondo), dessert and coffee. This is normally served with red wine and water. Usually the prize is around 10-15 euro.

Riding back home

On the way back we met Lisa and her cute Haflinger called Pioggia, which means rain! She has just started to ride her on her own, but the horse is really clever!


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