About being the only Viking in Valli di Lanzo…

While eating some typical Norwegian pancakes with smoked salmon and Nutella I realized that I’m unique!

What describes this weird combination better than those ingredients? Norwegian salmon is in my bones and Nutella is the basic ingredient for Italian kids!


This chocolate spread is being produced by Ferrero; the biggest chocolate producer in Piedmont. It’s based on hazelnuts and tastes like the Norwegian copy called Nugatti. It’s actually very tasty!

Many nationalities

Back to the point… I’m actually the only Norwegian viking in Valli di Lanzo. I’ve met English ladies, a guy from South Africa, Cinese people, Romanian and Finnish guys but never a Norwegian person. (Except from those visiting me!)

It’s becoming more and more clear to me that this forgotten valley should be shared with others from my country. We have it all (except the sea side!): a medieval town,  snowy Alps, rivers, forest, outdoor swimmingpool, many cafes, great restaurants, climbing sites, long bike tracks and an equestrian center.

Many dogs

After finishing my pancakes I went for a ride with three dogs following me. I’m so lucky to be able to bring my dogs to the  stable and ride straight into the wilderness. Watching the dogs play in the small rivers it’s like medicine for my soul!

Yesterday we went riding with the “sister” of Soraya. She lives a bit up the road. It was great to finally see the two Haflingers walk together!



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