Exploring the town of Saluzzo

As I told you before, yesterday I woke up in Saluzzo. I had finished my job as a Norwegian guide, and wanted to take a look at Saluzzo before going home. I also went to visit the castle of Manta, which is located further up the road.


I was awaken by the cows on the field outside my window. Then I met the geese that happily ran out on the green grass. Real country feeling! After a nice breakfast buffet in the agriturismo (farm stay), I took my dear 500L and drove to the center.

It´s always a challenge to drive around on my own. I always get lost! But until now it all had gone smooth, and I found a nice parking lot for free.

It was a nice town, and very quiet this Sunday morning.  All the shops were closed, but I took a look inside the amazing church.

Here are some pics from the center. I just did a short walk before I picked my car to go to “Castello della Manta“.

Castello della Manta

It was a small walk from the center of Manta. I met a group of tourists and some people running. A quiet place with a big castle!

I didn´t bother to pay the ticket to take a round inside. Too many tourists ahead of me! So I just walked around on the outside and a bit on the ground floor.

On the ground floor you could see some rooms and the stairway. That was enough for me, since I had a riding appointment in the afternoon. Not even an old castle might stop me from going horse riding!

But on the way home I did a small mistake. Instead of following the car navigator, I decided to follow the signs towards Turin. That brought me totally in the wrong direction, and I ended up in a closed highway! So after a long drive I finally found the correct highway. But if I don´t get a bit lost, it´s not a real trip!

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