Going to Barolo with a Norwegian group

Today I woke up in Saluzzo. Yesterday I went to Barolo and La Morra! I’ve seen some beautiful new towns thanks to a Norwegian group.

It’s amazing that you can feel like a tourist  after almost 10 years in the same country!   This time I was actually the guide, even if it was the first time I went to this region. But reading the history before you go does give you a new interest about the place you visit.

Antico Podere Propano

The farm stay
Breakfast area

I went to an “agriturismo” near Saluzzo to meet the group. Agriturismo is usually a farm that also offer overnight stays and or restaurant. They need to offer food from their own production to be able to use this term.

I was met by a sweet English lady that lives here with her Italian husband. She also used to do horse riding, but lost her horse after 25 years!

Meeting the group was the most exciting part. I had no idea about who they were. The funny thing is that they came from a place near my own island in Norway, and they all worked for the same company.


I went with them on the bus to Barolo, and we all thought it was a cosy town. The famous wine Barolo comes from this region, that offers the most appreciated soil for grapes. The king of wines! You might pay 1 million euro for 1000 square meters of the famous land called Cannubi.

The castle Marchesi


Barolo wineBarolo became famous thanks to Falletti and his castle “Castello di Marchesi”. Even my husband has a bottle of Barolo bought the year he was born.

Barolo is made from a grape called Nebbiolo. You’ll find this grape all over the region.


La Morra


La Morra
La Morra selfie

After the short stop in Barolo we went to see the old part of La Morra. It was similar to Barolo with a great view from the hill.

After this stop we went to have dinner with wine tasting in a vineyard called Marrone.

La Morra
The brand written in wood

They served the guests typical food from Piedmont and teached us about the different wine. The wine gets better taste in the smallest wooden wine barrels. It´s also important that the grapes get picked by hand.

La Morra
The vineyards of La Morra

From the roof top we could see the famous cedarwood tree that was planted on the vineyard of the famous Falletti when he got married.

It was a great evening and the Norwegian tourists seemed to like the typical food and wine. It was nice to speak my own language for a while!

Enjoying the meal and wine tasting

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