Being seen by others in a digital world

Today I read a comment from a friend on FB. It was her birthday and she was grateful for all the comments online. She felt like being seen by others, and wrote about how important this is. This made me think!

I had the same experience some days ago. I´ve got 170 or more congrats on FB, and it warmed my heart. But the best congratulations was actually phone calls from my family.

In such a busy world it´s hard to give enough attention to all the people around us. Sometimes we also feel forgotten by others, since nobody have time to stop by during the weekdays. But you´re not alone to feel this thing. Thanks to FB we have the opportunity to give attention to our friends in a fast way. A “like” or a comment is enough.

Put down the cell phone!

cell phone
Cell phone or nature?

But I think we need to put the phone away and give more “real” attention to each other. I´m feeling that the phone is getting more and more between me and others. It works almost like a shield and a friend at the same time.

How can we become more human again? Like popping by for a tea in the afternoon. In my town it´s not usual to visit people in their home. It´s more usual to meet at the bar for an aperitivo or a cup of coffee. That´s the oppsite of what I´m used to from home. We don´t have a bar in my island (in Lanzo there is around 10!!!) so we usually meet at home. That´s why I´ve started to walk the dogs to the park, just to meet other people.

Dogs connect people

Dogs in the nature

The best way to get in contact with people not attached to a mobile phone, is to walk the dog. If you walk your dog, it´s hard to send messages at the same time. And if your dog wants to say hello to another dog, then you need to pay attention to the owner!

I have many friends in my town thanks to the dogs. Some even know them by their name. If I bring them to Turin I get even more attention. Many people starts talking to me every time I bring Frida on the tram. That makes me feel that the world in town is less cold!

Another way to connect in a not digital way, is horse riding. I only bring the phone for emergent matters.

When I´m in the nature, I don´t want to be in the digital world.

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  1. DawnSeeker says:

    :)) :)) I still have a flip phone, for that very reason. The computer stays at home :)) :))


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