Driving in Italy

I’ve discovered the interest about living in Italy and the challenges that comes with it. That’s why I want to tell you about my biggest challenge ever: Driving in Italy!

It is a kind of tragedy/comedy, just like many other things that happens in my life. Let me mention Going to the vettie or Working in Italy.

How I got started

As usual it’s linked to horses… My first cultural shock was actually all the cars in Turin. It’s a huge contrast to the quiet Norwegian island where I come from.

I was also impressed about the speed limit. 130 isn’t the same as maximum 90 in Norway! But we don’t have real highways either… Here they call it “tangenziale”.

On the highway


I was terrified the first time I had to drive alone on the tangenziale. I was slowly learning to drive in the city (a real nightmare!) and we were still living in the center of Turin.

I had a horse riding lesson in an equestrian center out of town. I would miss out on the jumping lesson if I didn’t pick the car. I actually cried before getting out of the flat, but my addiction to horse riding was stronger than my fear!

Escaping the monsters!

Driving in Italy

The other drivers made me terrified. Italians drive like they own the road, and being friendly is an unknown term as soon as they sit behind the steering wheel! Italians in general laugh of me when I tell them these things. They just explain me that driving in Napoli or further south is much worse…

What did I do to survive in the traffic? I escaped…. since my boyfriend (now husband) had a very fast Alfa Romeo it was easy to go faster than the others. With my fear of being hit by one of the “monsters” out there, I just drove like crazy! I had also watched the driving style of Luca, and I thought that it was all about win the race or die!

At the end I arrived at the horse riding lesson, had a lot of fun with a big white horse and returned with less fear than before!

My opinion today

Now I´m more relaxed than I used to be. After owning a small red Fiat Panda, I´ve learned to take it more easy. A Panda isn´t a very fast car, and comparing to the Alfa Romeo it´s a world of difference! After a while I decided to get a bit bigger and faster car, just to feel safer on the “tangenziale”. I´m very happy to have choosen a 500L, a much larger Fiat that is perfect for families with dogs!



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  1. caroline says:

    I loved reading about your driving experience Randi. 😊


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