Going to the vettie

As you all know, I have many animals and the waiting room is always full. Therefore I decided to bring three animals at the same time!

The animals

Our black cat, Noar, has been limping for a while. Need to check him up. Lunala needs her second vaccination so she can start to meet other dogs. Frida needs to get a nail treatment, since one has grown way to much.

In the car

I had to stop the car already in Lanzo, just a 5 minutes drive. Knowing Lunala and her car sickness… I was right. She had puked on the carpet. Trying to clean and avoid that the dogs jump out in the street isn’t easy! But I did it, and finally we arrived.

When I opened the back door, I found the cage of the cat turned upside down with something wet on top. Lunala actually drools a lot in the car. She’s the first dog I’ve ever had with car problems!

During the visit

Lunala is much better in dealing with the veterinarian. She accepted her vaccination without any problems. Frida got a health control as well, and will get a special shampoo for her delicate skin. Noar wasn’t limping at all, but I was told to rather get him castrated. In that way I will avoid that he get a virus or ends up in another fight.

On the way home

Luckily the puppy didn’t puke in the car, but she drooled on everything. The cat cage got fastened in the seat belt this time, but then I felt a terrible smell! The cat had made poo in the cage…

You might say that it was a big relief to get back home and get that small zoo out of the new car!!! Thank God I had a solid carpet…

car protection

Lunch time

pasta for lunch

After such a stressful morning I decided to eat a big pasta with Olives and Mozarella. Now I’m heading to the stables, but I’m not bringing any dogs!

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