The medieval festival

Lanzo is a very cultural town, and today we went to the annual medieval festival.

It’s made in the honour of Torcetti (typical biscuit), grissini (bread sticks) and the famous cheese Toma di Lanzo.

In the afternoon we went to see the parade of people and horses dressed up in medieval costumes. I’m asking myself why this is such a popular thing to do in Piedmont. But I guess it’s because of all the medieval towns!

Enjoy the photos from a beautiful day in town!

The main street was full of stands where you can buy handmade products.

Wild birds like falcons and owls are often attending the parade.

These are all private owned horses that get nicely dressed up to show the medieval style!

You can buy a lot of different food during the three days of festival.

It’s impressing to see so many beautiful costumes at the same time!

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