A long ride under the sun

After a long period of warm weather, we’ve got some really cold mornings lately. But if you go horse riding around noon, it’s still hot under the sun!

Today was the first time I crossed the railway with Soraya. And the first time after months that me and Luca went horse riding together. But we avoided the train both times, and met the train of cows instead!

Moon and Soraya

The cows

Every autumn the cows come down from the alps after spending the summer grazing in the high mountain. That’s the reason we’ve got the famous cheese “Toma di Lanzo”.

We could hear the noice of the big bells and the tractor from a long distance. Soraya was rather worried, but stood still watching the cows pass by. We ended up in a parking lot full of elegant dressed people. They even did a selfie in front of the cows!

Selfie with cows

But when Soraya saw the Haflinger that walked behind the crowd, she freaked out! She started to jump and scream after him. Maybe she tought it was her sister that left her some months ago?

Earlier that day she also fell in love with a beautiful Appaloosa. He is the horse of my friend that practices Parelli.

Soraya is falling in love…

The festival

In the afternoon I went to see the 13. festival of the Torcetto (a local biscuit), the Grissino (bread sticks) and Toma di Lanzo (local cheese).

It’s a party that celebrates these local products every year. People get dressed up like during the old times and arrange games and pony rides for kids.

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