An unusual fruit

I was sitting there thinking about what to write about this rather normal day. In that moment I realized that I was doing something unusual: I was eating a rare fruit!

The reason why I’ve got these weird fruits on my table, is a unique tree planted in the garden by the uncle of Luca. My son found them on the ground while he was playing with the dogs.

This fruit is called “Banana di montagna” or “Asimina Tribola” in Italian. In English it means Mountain Banana! And so it is… The Mountain banana is a little known plant and its fruits are actually hardly known in Italy.

They are originally from the cold forests of the United States of the East and not from the areas with tropical climate. It´s a fruit with high nutritional and energetic power. 100 grams gives you 80 calories, just like the real banana! 

What does it taste like?

It taste like a mix between banana and mango. It also seems a bit like avocado. It’s really sweet and make you quite full.

Beach volley again!

Even if the weather is getting colder every day, we dared to play some beach volley this night! I even played with my socks on!!

In this new center we even found a nice pizza restaurant. It sure tasted good with some “chiacchiere”, mozzarella di buffala and tomatoes after the game.

The volleyball team

I think it’s the last game this autumn. But it’s been a great way to become a little bit more trained!

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