Following forbidden tracks

An asbestos mine

One of the most beautiful sights in our nearest area is the lake in the middle of the asbestos mining area.

I was supposed to bring my son to another beautiful lake in the mountain after his first day at school. But there were some scary clouds resting on top of exactly that mountain, so we decided to visit the lake in the mine.

It was strange bringing my son to school after 3 months of summer holiday. I think Italy is the country with the longest summer break for kids! It’s not really practical for the parents.


But that’s a totally another story… When we arrived, we found a new fence and more warning signs to stop people from entering in the area. I actually used to go horse riding on that road before.. I can forget about that for now!

So we only went on the top of the nearest mountain to enjoy the view. The whole area is forbidden to visit, but the asbestos is not really a threat anymore. It’s been many years since the mine was closed down. Many workers got sick and died.

Dakota and Frida taking a rest

After having lunch on top of the hill, we went to eat an ice cream in Lanzo. Luckily it’s a dog friendly place. Both dogs ran to drink fresh water from the water bowl outside. That’s one of the reasons I love Italy!

A serious message

But the adventure wasn’t over for today. I’ve been waiting for the veterinarian to visit my horse for a while. Her hoof is still akin and I needed to understand why all my cures didn’t give any result.

He could tell me that she’s been eating too much hay, and that she shows the first sign of laminitis. That’s a really serious message to confront, and I immediately removed the hay! It wasn’t a barefoot problem in the end, but a life style problem.

I should have understood that she was getting too fat. Now it’s all about curing her feet and making her slim down. The Haflinger is a horse that loves to eat, and obviously she needs more limits. I’m devastated and really hoping to resolve this situation. At least the veterinarian told me she’s gonna be ok.

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