Why am I spending my time with animals?

It´s one of those quiet, rainy days…. I really need to relax a bit to get rid of my cold. But before I can sit down, there is always an animal that need something from me…

Lunala is growing fast!

The first thing in the morning is to feed the hungry puppy. She has grown a lot lately, and she is only around 3 months old! Who knows how big she´s gonna be?

Then I need to feed the black cat that is smart enough to wait until Lunala finishes her breakfast. Luckily the other dogs are eating the same food outside! Then finally I can concentrate on the rest of my family…

Afterwards I need to clean the paddock of Soraya and give her some attention. But before I reach the horse´s paddock, I need to pat the mother of Lunala that always jumps on me in the riding school. Anyway, I´m for sure living my life with animals as my closest friends…!

Preparing Triple Moon Cash for Voghera

Today I also had the opportunity to give some attention to Moon. She needed some nice braids before the big barrel race tomorrow. There will be an important barrel race tomorrow in Voghera, at Cowboy`s Guest Ranch. There is also Cowboyland, an adventure park for kids. So luckily me and Leonard will have some fun as well!

Soraya is getting better

Today I let Soraya run free in the ground, and she has finally become better in the hoof. Now I can ride her with the new horse boots on. She is becoming scarily fat, and it´s time to make her get some muscles again… Luckily I’ve understood how to open up the boots widely. Now it’s much easier to make the hoof enter into the boot.

Why all these animals?

But back to the theme, why have I chosen to live with all these animals around me? Well, it kind of happens automatically. If you get one, it´s easy to get one more. And then another, and another again!

I´ve grown up in kind of a zoo in Norway, with the garden full of different animals. I´m so used to this life that I cannot live without them. For sure it´s less stressful to keep less animals, but luckily I have time for it. They are so much easier to deal with than humans. Especially being around horses gives me peace in my heart.

Father and son…

Nothing else in the world can be compared to the peace that you find in company of a horse.

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  1. NorCal Zen says:

    “Nothing else in the world can be compared to the peace that you find in company of a horse.” That is so true!


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