Speed challenge in Voghera


The association “Speed Challenge” arranged some exciting barrel racing at Cowboy’s Guest Ranch in Voghera today.


Also this time the old truck managed to bring 5 heavy horses all the way to Voghera! It has been a cloudy day, and the amusement park was actually closed because of “bad weather”!! I’m sure my Norwegian readers will laugh of this point!

A typical Italian ranch!

Leonard had been looking forward to a funny day in Cowboyland, but instead he had to hang around in the equestrian center and wait for his father to finish the race.


We were all together 5 horses and 4 riders from our center. Nicole Reineri and Lady won the Youth category and Luca – Moon got a 3. place in the category Novis Rider. Here is Nicole:


Abigail Brero and Pier Aldo Reineri became number 4 in their categories. Great job all of you!


Luca reached his goal to run faster than 20 seconds. Moon brought the kids for a ride before and after the competition. That horse is a calm angel!


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