Back in town!

It’s been months since I went to town… when saying town, I normally speak about Turin. In piazza Vittorio two nice women from the Swedish club were waiting for me.

Anna and Sofia

Why Swedish?

You might ask yourself why I went to meet somebody from my neighbour country and not from Norway… Well, both groups have the same problem. When we try to arrange a meeting, it’s not easy to make people attend. Most of them are working every day and having a busy family life.

So we decided to plan a common meeting for both countries. Our goal is to make the Scandinavian community a bit more active. I think it’s important for my family that we also keep my culture alive.

As I said in a former blog post, it’s not easy to get use to a new country. I don’t think other Italians are aware of what many foreigners are going through. Only other foreigners from your own culture might truly understand you.

Lunch at Mac Bun


Jumping from a typical cafe in piazza Vittorio to a new style eatery. Me and Leonard went to meet Luca at Mac Bun. It’s a Piedmont way of serving McDonald.

The biggest difference is the ingredients. All the meat comes from a modern farm caring about the animals (which is quite rare in Italy). They also offer nice vegetarian dishes.

Jackie at Mac Bun

Also Jackie came along today. Since the great grandmother of Leonard just loves her, we needed to bring her for a short visit.

The adventures of Jackie

But bringing Jackie to town is a real challenge. She always combine a lot of dangerous situations…

First we passed by a man sitting outside a cafe with his German Shepherd. Jackie obviously growls at the poor dog, that then try to grab her. The owner didn’t care much, but he managed to stop his dog after scaring the shit out of Leonard!

Then she get loose from my leash and started to run after all the pigeons! I ran after her in the piazza until some women managed to hold on to her under a table!

Then she almost attached the owner of the bar trying to pet her (I didn’t stop her in time).  Jackie hate being touched by unknowns!

Her last stunt was when I took off her leash in the back of the car. In one second she just flew out of the car and crossed the street (luckily no cars) to attack another dog. This time we talk about an huge American staffordshire!

The truth is that she only try to scare them, but this time she got scared herself! The dog was almost laughing while he barked against her to defend himself 😀 Somehow she realized that she was just too tiny to go closer, so she hid herself under a parked car.

At least we had some entertaining stories to tell to the great grandmother!

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