Playing beach volley before the summer ends

Many of my friends love to play volleyball. Usually we play in the garden, but lately we’ve managed to organize some real beach volley!

Thanks to Monica we’re renting a beach volley ground not far from home. It’s great fun to throw yourself in the soft sand. But this night the sand was hard as stone! I’m also still struggling to get rid of my flew, but I played the same… with shoes on…

After spending the whole day cleaning the house and the paddock, playing volleyball is pure relax! I think housecleaning is the most challenging activity of all, and it keeps you in a great shape. Even more than horse riding?

At least cleaning windows… that is so hard work! Since I’ve promised my husband to not complain about my daily life, I’ve found a great way to do it the same! On my blog 🙂 But enough about dirty windows and spiderwebs (they’re everywhere!!!)

Soraya is getting better in the hoof, but she still needs some rest. I cannot wait to try the last boots, the All terrain Ultra. But for now I need to clean her hoof with some salty water and disinfecting medicine. Maybe we both get well the same time?

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