Training in a large riding ground

To be able to win a barrel race, it’s also important to train in a real size ground now and then.


After filling up my poor car with stinky saddles and other equipment, we were ready to follow the horse truck towards the equestrian center.

This is a spectacular center with a big indoor hall, a huge outdoor ground and a beautiful stable.

Me and Leonard like to pat the horses, and one of them actually recognized us! She normally lives in our riding school, and when she saw us it was just like she said: “Hi guys! What are you doing here?” That’s why I recognized her! Who said horses don’t talk?

Reining horses

When I went to take some pictures inside the stables, I found these girls training some reining horses.

It looks so easy, but getting a horse become like this means lots if work. In this stable there is a professional trainer doing the job, but I would never choose that kind of option. Many trainers are quite tough with the horses, and I’ve discovered that typical reining horses seem like they’ve lost their soul…

But it was impressing to see the young girls riding those very powerful horses. My former horse Red Badger was a reining horse. But after staying with me and usually doing trekking, he kind of lost his skills. I’m never going to do reining at that level, but I might try to teach some basics to Soraya. She has a nice stop!

Back to barrel racing

Moon is back in good shape!

Barrel racing is a totally different activity than reining. It’s all about running fast and turning well. Luca had many nice tests, but his main problem is that Moon isn’t running fast enough. She is just too relaxed!

Even if a horse has got the technique right, there has to be some speed behind it. I tried to ride her afterwards, but sliding around in a very big saddle and wearing soft jogging shoes didn’t make me feel very safe. I could never do a stunt like that with another race horse. That horse is just a lot of power and love!

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