Working in Italy

I´m still struggling to find my role in Italy, since it´s so hard to get a proper, long lasting job.


My life is like the weather… sometimes sunny (like Sardegna) and sometimes dark as a thunderstorm.

I would like to work outside home, but finding a job is almost impossible in these times. Finding a workplace that suits you is maybe too much to ask for? There are indeed so many young people these days that cannot get a job, and they´re even Italians….

Stuck in the house…

So I´m stuck at home with my computer and working freelance for now. On top of that people don´t believe that I have job! But the hardest thing is to be your own boss, and actually find the inspiration to sit down and write. I’ve had a long break lately because of staying with my son, and now it feels impossible to get started!

Especially when there are thousands of other tasks to be done when it comes to the house and the garden. Normally I finish those tasks first, and then it´s allready time to go to see the horses…

Many projects

I´ve been involved in many projects since I arrived in Italy. I´ve been helping to develope a synthetic voice for the Norwegian language, I´ve been teaching English, I´ve been translating Wep pages and I´ve been involved in the marketing of selling glasses online. Every time has been like a new adventure, both good and bad. 

I might have high expectations comparing everything to the Norwegian standards. But one job seemed like being in my home country. That was when I helped the engineers developing the computer voice.

But by now I´m terrified of going out there

I´ve become fragile, and also allergic against mean people. A certain school destroyed my confidence, and so did some other colleagues. You might ask yourself why I´m writing about this theme in a horse blog? Well, I just want you to know that my life isn´t perfect, and neither is living in Italy.

As a friend (who is also a foreigner) told me; Italy is a perfect place for being in holiday!

I don´t want to fake it anymore

It´s been to many years where I´m telling everybody how happy I am about living in this beautiful country. Of course it´s also true, but I´ve been torn out by the loss of my career.

By the feeling of never being appreciated as I used to be in my home country. By the feeling of not fitting in. That gaining trust is so much harder than it used to be since people don’t know your background. That finding a job is like finding gold in the old days. Does any of you share the same experience after living in a new country? Gosh, how great it feels to have said it all online!!!

My next blog will be about having kids in a new country. That´s really interesting!



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