Resolving the hoof problem

At least one issue is about to get resolved. Last night I put these wet pads underneath the hoof of Soraya. They are meanth to pull out any infection in the hoof, and so they did!


I think it´s a miracle that a simple wet pad can do that trick. Underneath the hoof you could really feel the smell of the inflammation that came out after removing all the bandages. I am really glad for the advice from my friend.

I put another pad today to be sure to remove all the inflammation. As soon as she looks ok, I will start using her with the hoof boots from Equine Fusion. After getting this problem, I´m terrified of hitting another rock while doing a ride in the bush. Many experts in barefoot horses are saying that making them walk a lot without boots is very important to develope the hoofs. And then you´ve got others that tell you to put the boots on immediately.

The barefoot world

The barefoot world is a quite confusing world. Everyone you speak to or ask advice from gives you different answers.

It´s a world of opinions, not secure answers.

On the web page of Equine Fusion you find a page called advice. But reading online is not giving you the whole answer. You need a lot of patient, self esteem and trust to go through this process. I know several people that have removed the horse shoes, and they´re all continuing in this way. I only hope that my horse won´t suffer any more during the adaptation time. It´s so easy to give in and just put a pair of horse shoes on the front legs…

My biggest doubth is the weight of my horse. She is really fat at the moment, and all that weight might make the process harder. Every factor is important in this process, especially the food and the paddock.

Anyway, I´m not giving up and I really believe that the hoofs get more resistant with time. Thanks to my boots I will continue this project without stress, and I cannot wait until the snow arrive! Imagine being able to ride in the snow without those annoying clumps of ice that always get stuck in the middle of the horse shoes…


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