Norwegian Jogging Shoes for Soraya!

I’ve been waiting for this moment! That Equine Fusion should send me their amazing Jogging shoes special made for horses…


Even if it’s hard to get back to a normal routine after an amazing holiday, I’m really glad to be back with our animals. I can really see that Soraya has changed her attitude only after a couple of days.

Horses need love

At first when I came to visit her she didn’t seem to care much. But after spending a couple of days cleaning her stable, taking her out and cleaning her, she really follows every step I take! Horses need love…

Soraya and me checking out the horse boots

But the second day I realized she is limping on her front leg. I presume she has stepped on a stone before I went on holiday, and now the hoof might be inflamed. So I was really lucky that my new horse boots arrived today.

Equifusion boots is a Norwegian brand an one of the top brands in the world. They’ve been so gentle to send me two different pairs to try out: All terrain and All terrain ultra. I love the way this company express themself: they wanted to make a shoe to protect the hoof in the most natural way.

Trying on the new horse boots

This evening I went straight to the stable to try them on! I also picked up some medicine on the way, it’s called¬†Animalintex. It’s a pad to leave on under the hoof to tear out the inflammation. But after putting on the new shoes I could barely see that Soraya was limping.

Soraya loves her jogging shoes!

But before I try the shoes in a very challenging terrain, I will try to cure the inflammation. It’s better to be patient, even if I can’t wait to try them both!

I’ll keep you all up to date!

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