Swimming with Igor – the Haflinger – in the sea!

It’s been so long since last time I went swimming with a horse. It wasn’t in the sea, but in one of the many rivers in Australia.

This time I was lucky enough to experience this magic activity together with my own family. Igor, the Haflinger, and Alessandro took us to the beach for a swim! We’re still at horsecountry trying out all the different activities in this amazing place. Igor is the same horse that pulled the wagon the other day.

First I tried to make Igor swim on my own, but he was too stubborn. Who knows how many times he has to swim around with boring tourists? He actually behaved like a comedian in the water. He opened the mouth like he was laughing, showing all his teeth!

Jump from the horse

But with Alessandro swimming in front of us we managed to make him swim a bit with each of us. Still laughing… ( at least it seemed like it!) Alessandro even let us dive and jump from the horse’s back! Even my son loved this activity, and he jumped at least three times! Afterwards we did some bareback riding back to the stables.


Party at the saloon

Andrea – the bareback rider

After this beautiful experience we went to a party at the saloon in the evening. We tried to throw lasso in the bar and danced line dance with a local group.

After trying to follow the line dance group on the dance floor, I decided to head back to the room. I didn’t know those dance steps. These active days starting with beach volley, swimming and finishing with parties or entertainment are really exhausting! But lots of fun 🙂

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