Driving through the “desert” of Piscinas


Yesterday we decided to go on a small expedition on our own. We went to see the sand dunes at Piscinas. They are among the highest dunes in Europe.

We weren’t sure about where to go… But by following the narrow roads in the middle of nowhere, we started to see some road signs that lead us in the right direction.


After a while we reached the sea side, and what a view! Beautiful bays with sandy beaches and cristall clear water.

The funniest part was driving on the sandy roads and even crossing a small river by car. This was the only way to get to the main beach of Piscinas.

We found a redish river with small stone figures made by tourists. An amazing sight, still in the middle of nowhere!


A really warm day

This was also the warmest day of this period: 39 degrees! Only crazy people like us would go on an expedition into thd wild in these circumstanses!

The sand was so burning hot that we escaped the big beach after half an hour! But we managed to get into the water, where small fishes tasted my legs!


After a fresh ice cream at the bar we decided to explore the bays on the way back. I almost killed myself by walking in the steep stairs in this heat.

At the end of this hot, but interesting afternoon, we had to agree up on this fact: Our resort has got it all, no need to get away from it!!


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