Riding along the beach


Yesterday we finally went horseriding again! After leaving Soraya at home, I’m starting to miss her…

But it felt great to go for an hourly ride near the sea and even going galloping on sandy roads in the pine forest.

Andrea, our guide, was the same man that brought us around in the carriage pulled by Igor the Haflinger. Andrea is normally living in Turin, and he’s doing many equestrian medieval shows with a center that saves horses in need. I’ve often seen those shows in the cities nearby, so I must say that the world is small!

Barefoot horses

The nature in the area near Arborea is incredibile for horse riding. I can really understand why the director of the center wants to make the horses become barefoot. The terrain is just perfect, with many km of soft and sandy roads all over the place.

I talked to him personally to understand the barefoot trend in Sardegna. He told me that his own ferrier was the one that actually started to teach people in the island about this fact. The director is quite fresh in his job, and he is also introducing horsemanship courses to his guests.

I’m really happy to see that this big equestrian center is trying to establish a natural way of keeping and using horses.

They’re even trying to get rid of the bits, by using halters instead.

An amazing sunset

In the evening we went for dinner at the beach restaurant. This is one of the really few times I’ve actually seen the sun go down into the sea!

It was a great dinner with grilled fish and live music. In the end most of us ended up on the dancefloor, except my son that fell asleep on the table – before dinner!

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