One week in paradise!

Did we finally arrive in paradise? Well, after crossing the whole island, I must say that we did!


I’ve never been in such a wonderful place in my whole life! After living and traveling for 2 years in Australia (down under) I guess this is the answer of the Australian life in Italy!

Description of the resort

To start with the accomodation at horsecountry:
We’re sharing a room in 3, just big enough and it has a very good standard. We even have a fridge, and that means that we can store a lot of water! The only problem is the ants. As soon as they find something eatable, they’re just everywhere!

The pool by night

As soon as we get out the doors, there is a huge swimming pool with tropic plants surrounding it. Just like paradise! You can swim around the island in the middle forever or play with the kids in the fountain.


Every afternoon there is the crew playing music and entertaining. Yesterday the’ve even set up a musical in the amfi theatre. Really nice and entertaining. Every night there is a new show and the mini club is really busy too!

The restaurants

Then talking about the food… With the all inclusive family package we can eat as much as we want. There is the restaurant with the buffet, the pizza restaurant and at last the most beautiful restaurant, which is laying on the beach. You get grilled fish or meat and also a healthy buffet here.



A big crew of young and funny guys are entertaining both kids and adults. Lots of tournaments like volleyball, card games, ping pong etc. Personally me and Luca are enjoying the volleyball appointments every morning on the beach. Today I even got the chance to refresh a bit of my German skills being a part of the German team!

The riding school


Horsecountry is a part of the riding school, which is the largest one in Sardegna. They’ve got a huge indoor riding hall, one outdoor jumping arena and one big lawn for natural jumps.

Recently this centre arranged the world championship in distance riding, and the sister of the sheik won all the female competitions! They also arrange longer rides to famous places in the area.


This morning we got picked up by the Haflinger Igor that pulled a wagon. He took us for an hour walk guided by the Jack Russell dog. Even my son tried to drive a bit!


The  beach

The private beach of Horsecountry resort is really long and not deep. Really nice for kids with a lot of sand and clear water. There is room for beach volley, swimming horses and playing dogs as well.


This afternoon we’ll go for a ride on the beach, and I’ll let you know how it will be. Tomorrow morning it’s time for a swim with horse in the sea. Just can’t wait!!!


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