A long walk to the old mill in the hill!


Since it’s public holiday in Italy, me and some friends decided to walk to an old mill in the hill.

It’s been renovated by the owners that live in Turin, and they’ve made the place become a really nice restaurant!

By feet and on horseback

The first idea was to ride our horses up there, but then I decided to arrange a family trip. Two of my friends went by horse anyway and met us for lunch.

Two riders and the rest by feet

The track that starts above our house has been marked by the local forest comitee. But it goes through some wild forest and sometimes it’s easy to miss the trail. We had to help both dogs and kids through the most dangerous points.


We even saw fresh footprints made by wild pigs. The forest in this area is rich when it comes to wildlife. Foxes, hares, wild pigs and deer are quite normal species.

After more than 2 hours walk we arrived to the beautiful surroundings of the historical mill. Of course there is a river close to the mill, and it contains a small lake for a refreshing swim.

Both dogs and kids loved this moment, but most of them all myself and Dakota! After the bath we had a wonderful lunch with typical food from Piedmont.

The owner explains the meals

The restaurant is really classic and elegant with an outdoor dining area. On the way back we chose a different way that I’ve just discovered by horse.

But while the horses walked in front of us, they stepped on a beanbot… Three of us got stunged by the wasps, and one girl just over the eye!

But we were all really happy about this little day trip, and I must say we’re living in a really nice area!

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