Discovering a problem after some days by the sea


After spending some relaxing days in Bordighera, Liguria, I came home to discover that Soraya is limping!

But we were lucky enough to avoid the bad weather in Lanzo the last week.  When the weather is bad up north, the sea always gets wavy in Liguria.

With waves so tall that the red flag is being shown, it was a perfect time to go home. Red flag means that it’s forbidden to swim.

When I took out Soraya I could see that she had problems with her front legs. I’ve been asking myself how lobg the hoifs will last in such a natural state after doing hours of trekking. Probably she has consumed the hoofs faster than they grow back out.


Now I’m at the point of looking for a pair of horse boots. I’ve been reading about different brands, and I’m trying to find a good solution. For now she will be resting for some weeks, and hopefully the hoofs will grow out. But in this early fase she needs some hoof protection.

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