A visit of the barefoot trimmer in the heat

This week has been incredible hot, with temperatures around 35 degrees. It’s unusual that the area of Lanzo gets this kind of temperatures.

As usual I’ve had a busy day, and at the same time almost fainting while wearing my jeans! Too hot!

I started the day saving my new box from being teared down by Soraya that desperately wanted green grass! Luckily my friend came by to fix the problem, and now it’s more steady. Then he went to pick his horse to go for a ride with me.

When Soraya saw his horse (which she knows very well) she freaked out and actually jumped the electric fence! So then I realized that she is quite a jumping horse:)

We went to a restaurant in the mountain called Mulin Turcin. Since it was too crowded we ate our lunch on the other side of the old stone bridge.

Andrea – the barefoot trimmer

Then I needed to hurry up and get back to the riding school. The barefoot trimmer named Andrea came to see us.

He and his wife are really nice people and  uses the Parelli method while triming the hoofs. Andrea thought me everything that I need to know about this very interesting fact. He also told me that Soraya’s hoofs are perfect and strong. Actually I’ve been asking myself why she is still not showing any signs of bad hoofs after all the long rides!

I’ve been through it all.. I managed to offend the farrier when I told him to rip of the shoes. Luckily she had been keeping them only 2 weeks of her 5 years long lifetime! Of course a lot of the other horse owners are either against this idea or too scared to try it out. The important thing is to be true to yourself and don’t discuss it.

The healthy choice

Now I understand that healthy natural hoofs are exactly what any barefoot believer needs. For me this way of thinking is opening a fantastic new world where the horse’s health is being put firstly. So please all of you that protect the 200 year old tradition of horse shoes; read and learn and rethink the whole philosophy!

This busy day ended with a huge dinner in the riding school. We had to eat out on the hayloft since it was still very warm.

We always play the soccer game and I’m always the loser. I’m also always the first to go home, since my son is the first to be tired. But it’s been a long and interesting day, and I’m so happy for kowing more about the hoofs of Soraya!

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