Finally in the box

I’ve been working so hard lately, but now the holiday might begin: Soraya has a second home and a new box!


I need to explain the whole process to make you understand why I’m so happy today! It’s been weeks of work to be able to realize a brand new stable in our own garden. Using old materials I managed to do it all for less than 50 euro!

The process

It’s even connected to our house by a long roof. Our first project was to make a dog cage. I did the job together with my father in law. He was a handyman and liked to make new things out of old materials.

After a while we decided to get 5 chickens and produce our own egs. I closed the cage even more.

Big rats

The only problem were the rats! The huge rats started to live inside the cage and eat the food of the birds. So we gave away the chickens and opened the cage a bit more. The cats did their job when I let them inside, and my husband picked dead rats every morning for a week or so…

The puppy

For a log time we kept the cage for the dogs only. But when Lunala arrived she managed to get her head stuck inside the hole of the fence. So again I had to close the cage in a new way.

Soraya as a gardener

So what made me do this crazy job of removing all the wood and the chicken po? I just realized that it’s so stupid to cut the grass myself while my horse can enjoy eating it… My dream is to be closer to the horse, and by having a stable at home it’s more personal and flexible.

Now she can stay by us whenever I have time for it. This morning I went to get her around 7 o’clock and this night I went for another ride! Now she’s sleeping in the box, and it looks like she is accepting the change of home. Just hoping she doesn’t get sad when I bring her back to the riding school. Luckily she is bounding to me very fast and she’s not missing the other horses.

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